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With the increase in cryptocurrencies usage, the security and monitoring of cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets has become vital. A cryptocurrency wallet is similar to a payment wallet. In addition to storing, exchanging, and trading virtual currency, it allows you to store and exchange Ripple, Monero, and other cryptocurrencies. In the transfer of ownership of cryptocurrency, the wallet takes possession of one digital asset and signs off to the next dedicated wallet. 

The role of crypto wallets in crypto trading is crucial. The wallets utilize Blockchain technology, making transactions fast and safe. Taking advantage of cutting-edge technologies, MobileCoderz has already prepared itself for wallet development.

What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

Blockchain wallets enable users to receive and send digital currency and keep track of their balances via software applications that store private keys and interact with different blockchain techniques. Crypto wallets serve to store crypto tokens used for transactions.

You can add reliable and safe transactions to your wallet by developing a multi-crypto wallet. Also, if you intend to use bitcoin (or some other cryptocurrency), a digital wallet is required. In addition, when logged in, users can view the transaction status at any time.

Types of Crypto Wallet

Desktop Wallet –

With a desktop wallet installed on your desktop computer, you can store your private key on that device.

Mobile Wallet –

The newer, more technology-savvy mobile wallets utilize features such as the camera and NFC to scan QR codes for transactions.

Web Wallet –

Having a Web wallet allows you to access your cryptocurrency from anywhere on the internet through your web browser, whether you are on a mobile device or a computer.

Hardware Wallet –

Hardware wallets provide the most secure means of storing cryptocurrency details. Users can access their coins on any computer with this device.

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What makes MobileCoderz a cutting-edge Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company?

Solutions developed by MobileCoderz, an established Blockchain Development Company, provide a range of features relating to cryptocurrency wallets, including:

  • Generating private keys and managing them securely
  • The generation & management of mnemonic phrases
  • Wallet address creation
  • Importing private keys & mnemonic phrases associated with other wallets
  • Creating addresses for digital assets
  • Ability to create digital asset addresses
  • Check balances & transaction histories

Key Features Added by MobileCoderz Making Crypto Wallet Secure

  • Multi-currency Integration
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Reject Duplicate Payments
  • Security Login Protocols
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Wallet Backup
  • Speedy Transactions
  • Merchant Services
  • Inflation Free Investment
  • Updated Conversion Rates
  • Transaction History
  • Optional Session Logout

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

# Bitcoin Wallet Development

MobileCoderz develops Bitcoin wallets for you that store private keys for your private transactions in a secure environment.

# Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet

The crypto wallet developers at MobileCoderz provide innovative crypto wallet development techniques so that you can use virtual currency to buy and sell anything on the blockchain.

# Crypto Coin Creation

The Blockchain technology used by MobileCoderz allows it to build crypto coins that are in demand and will work on Blockchain networks around the globe.

# ICO Development Services

We at MobileCoderz specialize in creating optimum cryptocurrency token models and preparing them for ICOs launch.

# Wallet Transactions

Using blockchain technology, MobileCoderz creates secure crypto wallets for performing financial transactions and for valuing information.

# Crypto Coin Mining

By using cryptography techniques, crypto currencies (entries of tokens stored in the centralized database) are protected from fraud.

Crypto Wallet Development Process Followed By MobileCoderz

In order to meet the client’s requirements, the wallet development process at MobileCoderz goes through several stages. MobileCoderz is a leading cryptocurrency wallet development company that provides transparency with its wallet application development services.

In developing a cryptocurrency wallet, the following stages are typically followed:

  • Gathering Requirements

MobileCoderz’s development & designing teams collaborate to determine the features the wallet should have and to decide the tech stack you should use.

  • Blueprint for your Project

Our proficient team creates a blueprint based on the information we gather during the first phase and receives the client’s approval before providing further suggestions. We only go forward after we receive the approval of the client.

  • Development & Design

The real work of developing NFT starts after curating the final design. Our Blockchain developers build customized code based on the designed prototype and execute it accordingly. The process is clearly defined, & the product contains advanced features.

  • Testing

The testing process is an important part of the crypto wallet development process. Using multiple phases of rigorous testing, we hand it over to the client’s internal team for final assessment. We fix all errors and bugs throughout this phase.

  • Deployment

Following its deployment and availability, the wallet is distributed to users. Developers at MobileCoderz deploy it with the best industry standards to drive optimum client satisfaction. In addition, we train clients’ staff members so they can use it on a daily basis.

  • Post-Deployment Phase

This phase is client-side testing and any bugs found during this phase will be handled with full quality assurance without incurring any overhead.

  • Support after Delivery

Despite the fact that the project is complete, our work does not stop at the delivery of the final product. We will make sure that any problems or downtime you experience after downloading the crypto wallet mobile application is resolved as soon as possible by our support team. MobileCoderz delivers quality-driven digital solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner, focusing on your enterprise requirements.

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What Makes Us Your Best Option for Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company?

As crypto wallet developers, we are experts in developing highly secure apps.

# High-quality, Customized Solutions

We specialize in the development of cryptocurrency exchange platforms that can be integrated quickly and easily. These platforms help to ensure error-free transactions and prevent fraud.

# Team of Expert Professionals

Our team of proficient Crypto wallet developers is on hand to address the latest market trends. For many businesses, they’ve built fast, secure, & robust cryptocurrency wallets in the past.

# Fast Response

The crypto wallet developers on our team are talented and enthusiastic. They respond well to issues and resolve them as soon as possible. This allows businesses to reach their goals more quickly.

# On-Time Delivery

Our reputation for completing projects within a set time frame has grown over the years. For great results in less time, our crypto wallet developers work in a systematic way according to the project’s specifications.

# Excellence in Technology

Hire Crypto Wallet Developers with expertise in cryptocurrency work for us. We keep up with the latest Bitcoin wallet app trends. The team has gained an advantage over the competition.

# Economical

Using our wallet development services, you can develop your own cryptocurrency wallet for a reasonable price. There are different pricing models that we offer clients based on the nature of their business.

Last Thoughts 

We, being a top Cryptocurrency wallet development company, have been developing cryptocurrency wallets since 2017. Our expertise is in the development of web and mobile crypto wallets, including both custodial and non-custodial ones. Additionally, we can provide wallet and crypto payment integration. We have developed 10 or more non-custodial wallets with access recovery on different projects.

Alternatively, we can also develop relayers that can sponsor transaction costs or pay them in native tokens. As well as Guardian implementation, we can also help with social recovery in other ways. Wallets are now more user-friendly and accessible due to these solutions and the removal of UX obstacles.

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