The wait is over!!


APPLE announced the next version of iPhone. 


The technology giant comes with a new A15 Bionic processor, larger battery,  excellent storage, and best camera features. The iPhone fans can bag the new phones with brighter screens.


Apple has revealed four models: iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini,  iPhone Pro, and iPhone  13 Pro Max. 


These models are available in five colors: Product Red, Starlight (white), Blue, Pink, Midnight (Black).


iPhone 13 is incorporated with a chip termed “A15 Bionic”. This chip will automatically change the focus while taking the videos, cinematic mode, and translate the test. It can also help in longer battery life.


The features do not end here!!


iPhone 12 has customized radio components and 5G Antennas for faster speed.

Screen Size

The new debutant will have the same screen size as the iPhone 12 series. The iPhone 13 Pro will have a screen size of 6.7 inch while  13 Pro will have 6.1 inch screen. iPhone mini will have a display screen of 5.4 inch.


This phone is certainly here to excite the photographers. Even though it does not have a total overhaul as found on iPhone 12. But provides a neat tweak that can thrill the photographers. The main camera has a great image sensor of “f1.5 aperture”. So, now you can capture a lot of light. You can also enjoy telephoto zoom which can be bumped from 2.5x to 3x.

  • Super-Wide and Macro

The super wide-angle lens can add wonders to your capture. This has enhanced night mode and wider aperture in the dark. It also has a macro function that lets the user capture the shots as close as 2 cm (interesting feature, isn’t it)!! 


If you love macro photography then you should not think twice.

  • Cinematic Mode

The bigger telephoto zooms and wider aperture will help you to capture video at high quality. The Cinematic touch will add another pro to your filmmaking.

With Cinematic mode, you can focus dynamically on your subject’s face. The coolest part is you can edit the focus points and bokeh in the video after you have taken your shot.

  • Apple ProRes

Apple developed this to compress the video files. It will retain excellent color data and images. It will allow for greater quality and control when it is about post-production. So, now you can plan small feature films and commercials. 


The new debutant will shoot the video in ProRes at 4K resolution at 30 frames/ sec.

So what does the iPhone 13 have in store for businesses?

iPhone fans wait diligently for new phones. iOS is known for seamless security, built-in technologies, and integration with the systems of enterprises. And this is a great opportunity for businesses to develop iOS apps. Every business from any niche can develop amazing apps for iOS.


Pranay Aggarwal,  Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at MobileCoderz, states “iOS apps have got the power to transform the business workflows, boost the productivity, and create great RoI for businesses”. There is a major share of businesses who prefer custom iOS app development. Now the major reason for this is rising app profits, frequent users, increased security, and low productive time. 


According to the most recent stats, iPhone users have spent around $72.3b for purchasing premium apps, games, subscriptions, and in-app purchases in the App Store.

About MobileCoderz Technologies Pvt Ltd

MobileCoderz is an established iOS app development company. We provide a top-notch iOS solution. This includes designing, development, product planning, product ideation, etc. We have a strong team that can help businesses to build their brand or expand their business in the cut-throat market. 


Our agile and scrum methodologies can help you to modernize your business with advanced accelerators, key organizers, progressions, etc. 

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