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Apple iOS 15 Features—A Look At All the Top New Features

  • September 24, 2021
  • By MobileCoderz Technologies

This is the major release of this season.YES! You read it right!!

Here comes the ecstatic news for the iPhone fans. The new iPhone has kicked the world with a big surprise. So, catch up on everything with iOS 15.  

The new version brings a ream of features. Apple has specifically focussed on the next generation of OS  and improvements. This includes pre-configured modes to change the setup of the home screen and preconfigured updates. It has also aimed to add great upgrades to FaceTime.

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Apple has redesigned the notifications in iOS 15. This time the leading giant has concentrated more on adding larger icons for apps and contact pictures for users. To curtail the distractions, the notification summary will collect all the notifications collectively and deliver them at an appropriate time.

Map apps

It will give the space to the users to check new 3D views in cities. Hence, the user can simply get the enhanced details like buildings, bike lanes, pedestrian crosswalks, etc. 


Apple has introduced Spatial Audio and voice isolation to FaceTime calls. With this feature, the user will get the feeling as if the voice (sound) is coming from the place the user is located. FaceTime will also give great support to Portrait mode and it will provide a new grid view for more individuals at the same time. 


Another new feature that will allow the user to share the media together. This can easily be synced while the users in on the scheduled FaceTime call.


This is certainly the new feature that users would love to marvel at in this operating system. The user can filter the notification from the apps according to their wishes. 

So, is it bad news for investors?

Well!! yes, if you do not craft your app strategically then it is surely BAD NEWS. Pranay Aggarwal, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at MobileCoderz, shares “Many investors who are investing in iPhone app development will have to face small challenges, especially the SMEs. The team at MobileCoderz Technologies can help you in such a situation. Our experts can offer the best solutions for businesses that have their brand name or have plans to establish as a brand in the market. 

We take pride in our exponential growth curve because we have managed to make instantaneous changes in the project and deliver it on the stated deadline. We are proficient enough to develop next-gen iOS apps. Our team continuously works and adheres to the latest guidelines introduced by iPhone. Thus, we can help businesses to drive maximum sales. We are well-versed to work on advanced technologies like IoT, AR/VR, etc.

More about MobileCoderz

MobileCoderz Technologies is an ISO registered iPhone app development company that offers the best iOS app development services. We have helped numerous start-ups to redefine their business experience via digital transformation. Our team can help businesses to implement tested and best business strategies for online business. 

We have earned the reputation of being the passionate team that can help start-sup and businesses to craft, ideate, innovate, and build unparalleled innovative solutions and unparalleled results. 

Our services include:-

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MobileCoderz Technologies

MobileCoderz has established itself as the first choice of small and medium-sized businesses in the mobility space within a short span of time. We have a young & talented team of mobile strategists, UX/UI designers, and App Developers.We have a client base that spreads across emerging startups to small & medium size Business across the globe. MobileCoderz has helped in the development of World Class mobile apps for 500+ clients, collaborating with its team of 120+ nerds.

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