10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mobile App Development Company in 2021

App development has influenced our daily lives drastically. Its use can be seen everywhere possible such as communication, education, cooking, social media, shopping, banking, business, matrimony and various other personal and professional fields.

Since app developers are highly in demand worldwide, it is difficult to find good app developers or development companies and agencies to hire. This is one of the big challenges that business and tech people face, not knowing how to find the right or the ideal developer or development company or agency that understand your projects and has an excellent knowledge of how to develop functional apps with more benefits that other company’s apps can’t offer which can lure you to hire them without any second thoughts.

So before hiring any mobile app development company, there are some important things that you must know about them. Here are 10 questions to ask or things to consider before hiring app Development Company.

1. Ask them about their previous developed apps

This question should be first and foremost in your question list that is to be asked to the developers or development companies before hiring any of them. Mobile app developers and app development company’s portfolios are a must, to know about their experiences and achievements till date. This will also help you determine whether they are fit for your projects or not. Also, know about the rate and reviews of the apps they have developed till now. Evaluate their success rates with other app development companies.

2. Can we see your list of current and previous clients?

This information can also help you determine whether they are suitable and appropriate for your projects or not. It will also make you be sure that they have actually developed apps that they claim to have developed. In some cases to be extra sure you can call their current or previous clients.

3. What platform do you work in?

It is important to know on which platform they work in or are comfortable developing in. You may also let them know your preferences and if they are comfortable to develop apps using those programming languages. Your recommendations are also vital. Another way to choose better app development companies is to ensure that they can work on or are well versed in cross platform apps.

4. Do you have a developer account?

If the app developer does not hold any developer account that means they haven’t produced any app in the play store. This question is needed just for making decisions. You obviously don’t need to use their developer account for your projects.

5. What is your designing process?

Obviously, a creative app can make a huge impact on your customer. A good design should always include user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). These have a vital role in a successful development of apps, this helps meet user expectations. Ask the app developer or app development company about their previous designs and their methods to build them.

6. What is your app development process

A good app always requires an excellent development strategy. This can be ensured by the following mentioned steps:

  • UI design and development- analysis and art work
  • Code- this includes development and controls, implementation of business logics, unit testing and code commenting
  • Test- UI testing, performance testing and device testing
  • Certification
  • Deploy- mobile application porting and localization

7. What is your expected timeline?

Before handing over your project to any app developer or app development company, you need to clarify their expected timeline as to how much time do they require to complete their task without delay. More importantly ask them about their availability as many companies work on multiple projects at the same time. This will help you compare with other selected companies so you can have your final selected company to do your project.

8. What is the process of your client’s app release?

It is important to know the company’s policy of submission and how they handle a client’s app release. Try looking for the company that will help you the whole app cycle from start till end (submission of app). Ask the company about the app deployment process on respective app stores. Also know how they app development company invigilate a client’s app release.

9. Does the company provide regular servicing?

The proper maintenance of an app is really very important for its efficient working. It is also a crucial point, after releasing an app in app stores regular update is what it requires for maintenance. So it is important to check whether the development provides regular service for the app after releasing. Some add extra charges for servicing and some include it in their work of development. With different needs and requirements of customers apps should be customized accordingly. So altogether the app developer or the app development company must regularly update and customize the apps accordingly.

10.  Can we trust your company in terms of security of our data?

Many companies face data breach due to unprotected data and low quality of cybersecurity which can lead to mis-happenings. Therefore you must choose those developers or development companies that build apps with secure codes for better lifespan of the apps created. Though companies claim to provide a secure app development process, you need to ensure whether or not they are true to their words or not. Make sure that the company understands the value of your data and take steps accordingly.

10 Questions to ask before hiring mobile app development company

Final Thought

Here we wrap our article, and hope that with the help of our article, you hire a company that is worth your expectations. If you want to hire a good app development company you must ensure that they fulfill each point mentioned in the article. 

Also, remember that anyone with the knowledge of computer, internet and coding could claim to be an app developer, so take measures to protect your brand and product, in case of frauds. 

A successful app depends a lot on the development company you choose to hire. So read the above context carefully and highlight the factors. Hope you choose an excellent company and have a successful app.

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