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How to Create a Yoga App Like Asana Rebel?

  • May 5, 2022
  • By MobileCoderz Technologies

According to a study conducted by The Good Body, over 36 million people were practicing Yoga every day in July 2019. Above all, practicing yoga every day improves flexibility, strength, heart health, mental well-being, etc. For this reason, many fitness enthusiasts look for the best Yoga apps to have the right posture and routine for their Yoga sessions. 

Yoga App Development: Overview

Around a decade ago, almost nobody even had an idea about a Yoga app. However, these days so many businesses are looking for Yoga App development to rank among the best Yoga apps. In the US alone, Yoga enthusiasts are spending around $16 billion every year on yoga classes, clothing, accessories, and equipment. Thus, this would give you a fair idea about the size of the industry. 

What is Asana Rebel?

What is Asana Rebel?

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Asana Rebel is known as one of the best yoga apps. It allows the users to take their yoga and meditation practice almost anywhere. In fact, it doesn’t matter where you are using this yoga app, it could be your home or even a field. Ultimately, you can conduct your complete yoga sessions with the help of this app. 

Fitness enthusiasts prefer Asana Rebel to lose weight, get into shape, sleep better, increase stamina, and improve overall wellness. Furthermore, these enthusiasts are able to create their personalized fitness plans by answering about circumstances, goals, and health. 

The Asana Rebel app includes more than 100 workout plans for a completely unique and customizable yoga experience. Moreover, they have also included a dynamic interface to make the app more popular among their target audience. 

Now, you must be thinking about developing your own Yoga app! 

How to Develop a Yoga App Like Asana Rebel?

The mobile app development process is quite different from traditional software development. It consists of various complex stages and often follows the Agile development approach. Lastly, these are the steps for yoga app development. 

1. Strategizing the Market Objectives for the Yoga App 

First, you have to strategize the idea, concepts, and goals behind your app idea. Try to determine the market to learn about the key demographics where your Yoga app will be launched. 

Start competitor analysis to study the market to get a competitive edge. Furthermore, you can hire app developers to finalize the goals and market for your yoga app. 

2. Planning for Yoga App Development 

Once you have a clear objective of developing a mobile application, you have to choose a platform for yoga app development. Moreover, there are two dominant platforms in the smartphone and wearable devices industry today; 

. Android

It is a dominant mobile operating system with over 3 billion devices on the market. Thus, you can enjoy a better market reach with Android. However, the Yoga app development process will be complicated and time-consuming due to the huge diversity of Android devices. . 

. iOS

It is a proprietary mobile operating system used only on iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Apple Watches. However, the development process is simpler and less expensive with iOS app development

3. Selecting the Development Approach 

There are three major development approaches for Yoga app development. Each of them has its own benefits and drawbacks; 

. Native App Development 

This approach is used for developing native apps for a particular platform. Thus, if you have to develop your Yoga app for a specific platform like Android or iOS, then this is your best bet. Native apps provide a more authentic and polished user experience. However, it takes more time and effort to develop native apps. 

. Cross-Platform App Development 

This approach is used for developing a single app for multiple platforms. These apps have a single codebase which can be executed on multiple operating systems. Furthermore, they rely on platform-independent technologies to provide flexibility. However, they might provide a polished experience like native apps. 

. Hybrid App Development 

This approach is used for developing platform-independent apps that can run on various operating systems. These apps combine the best native and web solutions to deliver performance with ease of development. Thus, your Yoga app will provide a user experience and performance close to native apps.

4. Creating the Yoga App Development Road Map

You will need a product roadmap for your yoga app to track the progress of its development. Furthermore, this roadmap should have all the requirements, features, and dates to track each individual milestone. Lastly, this process will help you discover the skills necessary for proper yoga app development. 

5. Working on the UI/UX 

The UI/UX part of your yoga app is very important to create a positive impact on your users’ minds. Thus, start thinking from the users’ point of view to understand the design, usability, system performance, accessibility, and appeal. 

. A Clear Information Architecture 

You must have clear knowledge about the information that will be displayed on your yoga app. Thus, start creating workflow diagrams to understand the interaction between the users and your yoga app. 

. Wireframes 

Create proper wireframes (digital diagrams) to have a clear idea about the look and feel of your yoga app. Moreover, wireframing is a very cost-effective method of reviewing design concepts before finalization. 

. Use Style Guides 

Working with style guides as manuals can drastically simplify the designing process. In fact, you just have to work with the fonts and color palette to fulfill the vision of your yoga app. 

. Working with Mockups 

Mockups are made by combining the best of wireframes and design guides. Thus, by building a mockup, you will be getting a high-fidelity version of your Yoga app. 

. Working with Prototypes 

The prototyping process will help you make a final dynamic version of the final user experience. Accordingly, your yoga app developers and designers will be able to learn about the workflow of the final product.

6. Work on the Yoga App Development Process

The core yoga app development process consists of 3 main stages; backend/server, front end development, and API(s). 

. Backend Development 

The backend of your yoga app will be storing the user information, and workout plans, and processing the collected data. Thus, developers will be developing the interactive backend elements of the yoga app. 

. Frontend Development 

The front end of your yoga app will be used for interacting with the users. Thus, the developers have to create an interactive user experience by merging the best backend and APIs together. Furthermore, they will optimize the performance of the application and work on responsiveness. 

. Working with API(s)

You have to connect your Yoga app with some APIs for better functionality and ease of use. Thus, you will need high-level expertise in the development and integration of APIs. Moreover, it is also possible to develop your own APIs from scratch if you want to enjoy the maximum independence of customization. 

7. Testing and Deployment of the Yoga App

Before releasing the Yoga app to the market, you have to conduct both manual and automated testing to find out any potential bugs, glitches, or errors. 

The deployment process is also complicated since you have to follow the respective guidelines of the App Store and Play Store. Thus, your team must follow a checklist during the development process to comply with the guidelines. 

After deployment, start learning from the reviews and analytics to further tweak the overall experience to maximize the user experience. 

Must Add Features to Your Yoga App 

Figuring out the features of the Yoga app is a very important yoga mobile app development process to connect with the users. Furthermore, these features must cover the yoga’s functional and non-functional requirements. Thus, you have to make sure your app is user-friendly and highly functional. 

You must include these features in your Yoga app; 

Features for the Students 

Registration – The Yoga app users must be able to create their personal account in the application via email, Google login, or Facebook login. In fact, try to ease the process of registration to ensure maximum users. 

A Tab for Today – This tab will be showing all the list of activities to be done in a single day. Thus, this would help the users to create an agenda for their day without getting diverted anywhere else. 

Explore Tab – This tab would allow the users to browse through the complete list of workout plans, meditations, sleep goals, nutrition, etc. 

Activity Zone – This tab will enable the Yoga teachers to view their calendar and appointments for classes. In fact, they can also share their routine on Social media sites. 

Recipes – You can add an additional section for recipes to help the health-conscious. In fact, the recipes can be sorted for vegan, high-protein, vegetarian, and other diets. 

Exercise Categories – Users will be able to categorize the workshops according to their goals such as flexibility, mobility, relaxation, and breathing. Ultimately, this would help them to get in shape, lose weight, etc. 

GamificationFitness enthusiasts can try daily health quizzes to learn more about physical and mental health. 

Blogs – Include a health and yoga blog to provide valuable information about health and fitness to engage the users for a longer period of time. 

Features for Yoga Teachers 

Registration – The yoga instructors should be to register or log in by entering appropriate to gain access quickly. 

My Sessions Tab – This allows the instructors to quickly view and manage the number of yoga sessions booked with them. 

Create Offers – This tab would allow the instructors to create their custom training sessions and offers to the students. 

Calendar Availability – Instructors could define their availability for the classes by marking them on their custom calendars. 

Payment Status  – The yoga instructors could provide both paid and unpaid yoga lessons to their students. 

My Profile Tab – This tab would allow the instructors to view and update their personal information on the app. 

Notifications – The yoga instructors will be receiving relevant notifications about their sessions, payments, cancellations, and reviews. 

Cost of Developing a Yoga App like Asana Rebel

There are a lot of factors which might determine the cost of yoga app development. However, to get a fair idea about the development; it costs around $15,000 to $150,000 to develop a yoga app. Above all, often the estimations go wrong when you want to develop the app on your own. 

There are so many challenges and additional costs during the yoga app development process that might create a dent in your wallet. Moreover, the tech professionals often charge on an hourly basis, which might be very expensive if you don’t have a roadmap for Yoga app development.

Let’s Breakdown the Development Stages into Time 

Development Stage Estimated Time Required 
Business Specifications and analytics 80 hours or more 
Designing UI/UX prototypes & wireframes 60 hours or more 
App Designing 130 to 190 hours 
Backend development 300 to 600 hours 
Admin (web) panel 80 hours
Quality Analysis 300 hours or more 
Total Duration 900 to 1300 hours 

How Can You Make Money From a Yoga App?

Investing in Yoga App Development means that you also expect to make money from your yoga app. Moreover, if you want to be known in the list of best yoga apps, then there are different strategies for the monetization of your app. 

Deploying a Paid Subscription Model 

Creating an upfront cost to use your application might guarantee a revenue stream. In fact, you have the option to choose between one-time payment or a SaaS product approach. However, you cannot ensure a high number of users by using this monetization model. 

In-App Purchases for Advanced Features

The majority of the users look for basic core features in the best yoga apps. However, once they get habitual with the yoga app, they will look for more advanced features. Thus, you can choose the in-app purchases model to monetize the exclusive and advanced features of the yoga app. 

Including Cross-Sale Ads 

Your Yoga app can show some on-screen ads to create a constant stream of revenue and monetize better. However, you have to be very careful while implementing these ads on your yoga without hindering any core functionality. Ultimately, the idea is to keep the experience uniform and annoyance free.

Why Should You Invest in Yoga App Development?

  • Investing in a Yoga app helps you to achieve better-personalized customer relationships 
  • You can not only earn from selling your yoga workout plans but also earn by connecting with Yoga teachers from around the world. 
  • There’s no downtime with your yoga classes when people can interact with you anytime and anywhere. 
  • There are tons of in-build tools and features in the best yoga apps to attract and retain the customer 
  • By creating membership plans apps like Asana Rebel are providing premium content for their users. 

Hiring Mobile App Development Company 

Hire a mobile app development company in India that provides yoga app development services could be a sensible decision to save time and money. Ultimately, their expertise with the latest tools and technologies can boost the development speed and provide world-class yoga mobile app development. 

Collaborating with MobileCoderz for Yoga App Development 

Investing in the yoga app development services by MobileCoderz could be the best decision to develop your Yoga app like Asana Rebel. We have years of expertise in mobile app development for multiple platforms. Lastly, our highly skilled developers take a client-centric yoga mobile app development approach to provide maximum satisfaction to the clients. 

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