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How Blockchain Is Improving the Global Supply Chain?

  • December 18, 2021
  • By MobileCoderz Technologies

Industries of the contemporary marketplace are not affected by the impact of technology. Digital disruption affects all aspects of business in the world including marketing and design to sales and logistics. For procurement professionals, there is one technology that has the potential to completely alter the supply chain in the world forever- Blockchain Technology.

The subject of endless debate, the “Blockchain Global supply chain” is one that is built on an advanced technology foundation. It is a brand new method of the management of data, logistics, and control of inventory. We must understand the value of Blockchain technology and the potential risks it could bring. It is crucial to ensure that your company’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) is prepared to meet the demands of the digital age.

The management of the Supply Chain involves the supervision of materials, info, & finances. The three major streams in the supply chain include the flow of the product and information flow and the financial flow. SCM ensures that everything flows smoothly from the beginning to the final.

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blockchain in global supply chain

Blockchain Global Supply Chain: Understanding the Potential

People already have a good knowledge of the current supply chain management along with the difficulties it could cause. Blockchain global Supply chain management demands constant and thorough monitoring of the transportation of products. Also, the exchange of currencies as products are transformed into manufactured goods to the market through retailers and wholesalers. It’s sometimes a tangled process. A huge company may have several supply chains that span countries, continents, or all over the world. Thus, the future of Blockchain in the Supply Chain is all on a rise.

This method of creating, sourcing, and selling goods for your intended market greatly benefits from transparency, accountability, consistency, etc. Also, the traditional methods aren’t always up to the standard in these attributes. The human error of delays & documents that are not centrally managed can cause your workflow too stop.

Revolutionizing the Supply Chain: Is Blockchain Technology Worth or Not?

The concept that the supply chain came to fruition around 200 years ago was an innovative concept. It increased the visibility and control of goods when they traveled from point A to B. But that way 200 years ago can no longer meet the demands of today’s supply and production cycles. Presently, it is extremely complex, fragmented, and geographically scattered.

Today, supply chains extend across hundreds of stages and hundreds of locations. Finding the source of events or discovering incidents is difficult. Thus, the Future of Blockchain in Supply chains stands strong.

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the supply chain and disrupt our approaches to creating, selling, buying and consuming goods. A distributed ledger, which provides both transparency and security, the Blockchain has shown potential to solve the present-day problems.

The first step with Blockchain technology is to signify transfers of products in the ledger. Through the Blockchain, each product can be traced back to the source. The decentralization of the ledger makes it impossible to claim the rights to the ledger and alter the data in their favor. The cryptography-based nature of the transactions will make it virtually impossible to break the ledge.

Supply Chain Management: The Rise of Blockchain Benefits

The list below constitutes the benefits of the Blockchain global Supply Chain.

# Improved Analytics, Data Collection, & Management

The more data you can collect and the faster you analyze, the better you can optimize your supply chain. It will help you make the most of opportunities to save money, improve efficiency and growth. You have a centralized storage of data and access to crucial information for every shareholder. This allows you to go beyond the limitations of only the sales, logistical or financial data. Thus, you can produce more sophisticated, efficient reports and forecasts based on every aspect of your procurement process.

By using private Blockchain networks, businesses are able to share crucial data with suppliers, customers and even authorities. In addition, it ensures that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive internal information.

# Simplifying Global Supply Chains

Throughout the supply chain, a product may pass through hundreds of people. Since a lot of these procedures are manual, it’s challenging to ensure complete integration of data documentation. Instead of the confusion caused, there’d be multi-party access to data as well as documentation, resulting in increased efficiency. 

With the advent of increased access to data within the supply chain, there are opportunities to use the information to make new products or improve business decisions for all parties involved.

Blockchain technology could be the solution to unlocking paperless trade. A notion that might seem impossible in a system that is heavily reliant on documents. As an example, there are solutions that exist to digitize and automate processes. In the past versions, each party in the transaction had to physically sign the document to prove the goods’ transfer. In this system, any signature that is not authentic or the absence of an appropriate pen could cause delays.

# Logistics Improvements

Blockchain technology makes it much easier to link crucial information on receipts, purchase orders, and shipping documents you’ve bought. The further benefits of Blockchain in the Supply Chain are:

  • Permanently linking physical assets like containers for shipping & other objects with time, date, and the location of the asset.
  • An easy method of using  RFID and QR codes. Thus, you can easily track and identify goods to manage inventory.
  • A chance to push beyond EDI. It is now in its seventh decade as an information exchange system. It simplifies, secures, and makes trade finance records far more transparent. 

The Food Supply Chain: Embracing the Blockchain Technology

The Wall Street Journal recently published. “After initial tests, 12 of the largest firms including Walmart and Nestle are using the Blockchain Technology. This will revolutionize how the food industry manages its food globally.”

The Food Safety Modernization Act requires firms in the food supply chain to offer “one back one-up” traceability. “One back” is the location of the source of the food. “One up” refers to the person the food is sold to. For this, a lot will be required to dig through documents on paper to find the details to be supplied.

When bad food is put on shelves in stores, the current method makes it difficult and time-consuming to identify the shortcomings. These include where the food originated from and how it got affected by contamination, etc.

All the information that businesses require to discover the source of food will be stored in one place online. It’s not necessary to search through the paper records or calling your suppliers over the phone. It’s as easy as looking up the information on the Blockchain and issues. Earlier,  it typically required weeks or days to resolve in a matter of minutes. All in all, the food supply chain is embracing the benefits of Blockchain in Supply Chain.

With Blockchain technology on the rise, the market for the Blockchain industry is becoming competitive. For maximum benefits of Blockchain in Supply Chain, you must look for an established Blockchain development company. MobileCoderz is one of the best picks for Blockchain App Development under budget with brilliant expertise. For trust, reliability, advanced methods, and agile methodologies followed, MobileCoderz has completed 100+ Blockchain projects and is still advancing.   

The Future of Blockchain in Supply Chain Awaits: A World of Possibilities

As Blockchain’s popularity grows and companies keep an eye on others who are experimenting with Blockchain. Thus, Blockchain can greatly benefit from the effects of networks. Once people start joining the supply chain, it becomes more straightforward for others to join on board. Businesses should be aware of other players within their supply chains. 

You must study the competitors to determine when they are ready to design a Blockchain-based prototype. All in all, the world of possibilities and great potential in Blockchain Technology awaits Supply Chain Management. 

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