Native iOS App Development for a Global Healthtech Startup

A Calorie Tracking App for weight management and improved health. This platform strides up to the platter to help the user to improve their health and manage their health.

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Project Overview

Project Overview

Nutripal is a calorie tracker platform that assists its members to reverse or control different types of lifestyle disorders. It is a nutrition-focussed platform that offers personalized programs for its users. Our client wanted to offer goal-oriented programs with data-driven personalization that shape the outlook and behavior of the user(member). The main goal of this app was to transform the user with visible, measurable, and sustainable outcomes across PCOS control, diabetes, fat loss, and other lifestyle disorders.

Project Overview

Challenges Faced

Our valuable client affirmed the specialty to get a fitness tracking app for improved health and weight management. MobileCoderz developed quality-driven fitness app solutions with exceptional features and compelling designs. We were given a task to develop an engaging and interactive app embedded with out-of-box features for the iOS platform.

Even though we faced a lot of challenges in refining the data that the client had provided us. But our team trickly managed to refine the data. We uploaded it to the database and gave a specific CSV format for the client which they can use in the future to upload new data.

Key Features

MobileCoderz developed an app with functionalities that are dedicated to both caregivers and patients. We developed an app that acknowledges and counter the high demand of users with professional diet plans.

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Visual design

Our team developed a graphic and content-rich iOS app with keen detailing of UI elements. We ensured choosing the color choice and text font so that it would engage the user to read, navigate, and analyze all the specified insights.

Color & Typeface

We recommended using cold tones as the background color for the design of the iOS app. These tones generally set up a sense of serenity that is important to help clients focus on the more significant features. .

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Technology Stack

To make this nutritious iOS app fast and interactive, our talented developers worked on the local database within the app. We used SQLite to enable the app to function faster and manage to operate without the internet.

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We ensured to conduct interviews of stakeholders to get a detailed understanding of the products. Our team kept a close check on the key challenges which a user generally faces. We ensured that the app has easy navigation that provides an unparalleled experience to the user. Our client did not have much technical knowledge. Hence, we ensured to have a detailed discussion and helped our client to develop his business logic. Finally, we were able to deliver a feature-rich, high-performance application which exceeded the expectations of our client.

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