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Want to build a powerful and scalable mobile app that helps you achieve your business goals efficiently?

Take your business to the next level with the power of digital transformation and mobile app development solutions. Hire the leading mobile app development company in Birmingham to develop professional mobile apps.





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MobileCoderz has become a leading mobile app development company in Birmingham with years of proven and award-winning expertise in providing custom mobile app development solutions. Our innovative solutions have helped various start-ups, enterprises, and agencies to build successful mobile apps. By infusing cutting edge technologies with years of expertise, we are able to provide end-to-end custom mobile app development services.

The best-in-class solutions can help your business to capitalize on the latest technology and industry trends to develop unique solutions for different platforms. Our team of qualified developers, designers, testers, and project managers help businesses to build mobile apps that align with the latest market trends. We are determined in building long term relations with our clients by providing real-time technical and customer support.

Digital Dominance in Mobile App Development

MobileCoderz started its operations in Birmingham with the mission to empower start-ups, enterprises, and agencies with cutting-edge mobile app development services. We utilize the best technologies, years of experience, and versatile tech professionals to help businesses improve productivity, resolve problems, and improve their existing technical infrastructure.

Our team has fulfilled the unique individual needs of clients coming from different industry domains with custom mobile app development solutions. The timely delivery and tech-savvy team make it possible for us to become a trustworthy mobile app development company in Birmingham. We closely student the business process of our clients to recreate their digital solutions in the virtual space. With our help, you can work on mobile app strategy, user experience (UX) design, app development, and product deployment with ease.Our professionals have strong competency in various coding languages and frameworks to provide the most cutting-edge solutions.

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Type Of Businesses We Serve

The emerging start-ups, enterprises, and agencies trust our bespoke mobile app development services in Birmingham. Our years of experience have enabled us to develop mobile applications with security, high performance, resilience, scalability, and flexibility for multiple platforms with ease. We love to fulfil the individual requirements of our clients.

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Emerging start-ups can take our mobile app development services to develop cost-effective and innovative mobile apps. Our expertise in digital transformation helps businesses to grow and explore unexplored opportunities.

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Enterprises can find highly scalable and flexible mobile app solutions with our leading mobile app development company in Birmingham. We have the excellence of infusing the latest technologies with business logic.

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Agencies can hire us to outsource their mobile app development projects to highly skilled and qualified mobile app developers. We empower agencies with our technical craftsmanship and precision.

Our Mobile App Development Services and Offerings

By catering to the needs of diverse businesses, we are able to become the leading mobile app development company in Birmingham. We provide the most in-demand services for different industries and businesses;

  • iphone App development
  • ipad App development
  • Android App development
  • Wearable App development
  • IOT App development
  • iBeacon App development
  • PHP Web Development
  • HTML5 App Development
  • CMS Web Development
  • e-Commerce Web Development
  • AngularJs App Development
  • React Native App Development
  • Flutter App Development
  • Node.JS Development
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Streamlined Development Process

As a leading mobile app development company, we thrive to work with the most cost-effective mobile app development process. Our team follows the agile development approach to provide maximum ownership to our clients and give them the ability to make changes according to the market demands. This makes the development very cost-effective and flexible for our clients.

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Iconic Brands Who Rely on Us

We run the extra mile to deliver the best we can.

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Why Choose MobileCoderz For Mobile App Development?

MobileCoderz has years of experience with multiple technologies and platforms to build bespoke mobile apps. Our team of developers, QA specialists, designers, and project managers are dedicated to providing you with a client-centric mobile app development experience. Embrace the power of future technologies.

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  • Cutting Edge Innovation

    When you choose the leading mobile app development company in Birmingham, you get complete access to cutting-edge technologies and industry experts who take the best steps to infuse the best innovation into your mobile app solutions. Hire highly skilled mobile app developers now!

  • Huge Portfolio with Diversity

    We have handled the unique requirements of different businesses coming from diverse industries with our mobile app development services in Birmingham. Our fully customized services have helped hundreds of businesses to create a unique identity in the market with ease.

  • Compelling UI/UX

    Our designers give huge importance to the UI/UX design by infusing the industry trends and best design languages with your mobile app. The end-users of our developed apps enjoy a very polished stunning and interactive UI/UX experience. Translate your branding language into user experiences.

  • Scalable and Compatible Solutions

    Hire the best mobile app developers in Birmingham to develop fully scalable and compatible mobile app solutions. We optimize our developed apps with different devices and screen sizes for the best compatibility. Every app goes through a strict testing process to ensure maximum scalability and compatibility.

  • Offline Mode in Apps

    We develop world-class mobile apps that also work without the internet with remarkable offline capabilities. Users are able to this functionality by relying on their device data. This improves your user engagement by providing them with additional functionalities.

  • Top-Quality Images

    When you choose us for developing your mobile app, our developers take the extra effort to optimize the images with high-quality compression techniques. This in return provides you with faster loading images on your app. Users appreciate apps with high-performance and high-quality images.


Explore Our Highly Successful Projects

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  • Food & Drinks
  • Business


Innovative Food & Drinks App

Environmental cleanliness is what we promote in our newly designed “Relevo” app for that encourage zero-waste idea for environmental consciousness. The app allows users to order their food with Relevo bowl & borrow it using QR code scan. The used bowl can be returned at return station & it will reflect on the dashboard. The easiest way to reduce the usage of disposable packaging by reusing used bowls.

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Why We Are Known as The Leading Mobile App Development Company in London?

We have been providing the best mobile app solutions with high performance, security, reliability, scalability, flexibility, and resilience. This extensive experience in catering for the needs of start-ups, enterprises, and agencies has made us a prominent mobile app development company in Birmingham.

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    Guaranteed Clearance on App Stores

    When you hire the best mobile app developers in Birmingham, you get the assurance that your app will get clearance on respective app stores. We maintain a checklist for effective deployment with ease.

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    High Performance

    The leading mobile app development company gives you mobile apps with high performance and a seamless experience. Plus, you are always secured with robust security infrastructure.

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    Hassle-Free Support and Maintenanc

    Our company provides complete maintenance and support after the successful deployment of your mobile app. We provide complete support during the post-deployment stage to keep the app bug free and seamless.

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    Comprehensive Server Support

    By hiring the leading mobile app development company in Birmingham, you gain access to our server for hosting your apps and managing complex databases with ease and perfection.

Industries We’ve Reached So Far

Our expansive clientele is stretched across various startups, SMEs, & leading firms scattered & around Birmingham. We at MobileCoderz facilitate diversified industries including:

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Social Networking

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The Recognitions for Our Continuous Innovation

Our mobile app development company takes pride in getting these achievements with sheer hard work, passion, knowledge, and experience. These recognitions help us build trust and loyalty!

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    Top Mobile Application Development Agecy Across the Globe



See what our clients have to
say about us

Shyam client Shyam Kalirajah Owner, Finku

"They filled in the specification gaps and delivered a great outcome.The team at MobileCoderz is professional as well as transparent. They stick to the timeline and cost estimations. Their team's on time with milestones"

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Ali client Jan Ruehl Founder, Dirtlej

"We are happy with our engagement with Mobilecoderz team & We are looking forward to bringing in their team again to add more features. We know that our app was very complicated to create, but they responded to our comments until the final version was just right."

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Ali client Julie Garnier Founder, My pet corner

"They had excellent developers.The process and the project were well-managed.They were able to put all of our requested features into the app."

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Grape client Antoine Petigny-Samuelson Founder, Grape Vista

"Their work is really impressive. Project management is very good. The great thing about them is that we speak on almost a daily basis through Skype. It’s been great communication in every step of the process"

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Ali client Ali Mahmood uTrack, CEO

"Delighted in dealing with MobileCoderz due to their briskness , seriousness , professional & esteem dealing , problem solving i.e. they always come back with a solution even if they take a generous amount of time for the R&D "

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Brian client Brian Frias Brand and Technology Manager,
Masterfit Enterprises

"Their follow-up has been great and their willingness to squash out a few bugs and rush new versions to the mobile stores has earned them my respect."

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