An integrated app for innovative solutions and travel services

A travel and tourism app for an online travel company in Saudi Arabia. It is the first-of-its-agency in Saudi Arabia that gives integrated travel services all across the globe. But its main target audience is specifically from Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

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Project Overview

Project Overview

Flyin is the most trusted travel agency in the MEA region. They are known to offer consistent and high-quality travel services. This company holds the reputation in the market for easy travel booking experience.

Our client wanted to develop an engaging flight and hotel booking application. They were seeking a user-friendly mobile app that allows the user for easy navigation.

Our esteemed client wanted to implement new technology and ways of operation for their users to embrace hi-end services. Their main aim was to provide its users with friendly and customizable services so that their users are completely satisfied.

Project Overview

Challenges Faced

Since the travelers are coming from all walks of life. This means they will be using different versions of operating systems and the newest smartphones. We ensured to test the app in real-time circumstances such as outdated versions, concurrent running apps, or any other situations of the apps that users may encounter.

Since, this project required a high degree of app localization for every language, cultural relevance, formatting, etc. For this, our team incorporated translation services simply to translate the text, language, etc. Our professionals ensured to develop online ecosystems. It gives essential information for users in planning their travels. We proposed a feature that suggested schedules based upon the user, information, etc

Key Features

MobileCoderz took everything into account. This includes key security protocols, flight and hotel schedules, flight and hotel confirmation status, etc. Since the whole process of booking implies plenty of menus. We organized the data into categories. This reflected every step of the user for the booking process. Hence, we included pain points, behaviors, errors, and expectations.

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Visual design

MobileCoderz was aimed to develop a user-centric mobile app with constructive management. Hence, we implemented simple and concentrated designs. For the design walkthrough, we designed the app with unique dimensionality. Our team crafted compelling designs with exceptional features. We infused the contemporary trends and technologies that generally hail in this industry.

Color & Typeface

Our aim was to craft an appealing style and appeal. The professionals at MobileCoderz used these color tones to reduce the diversions and disorientation. We concentrated on the specifications that do not intrude on the intent of the user.

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Technology Stack

We followed systematically brainstorming sessions and logjams to develop user-friendly native Android and iOS apps. Our team followed an agile methodology and test-driven approach to craft valuable products. Hence, we incorporated the following technologies.

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It was an immense learning experience for us to work on this project. There were stages where we got stuck and racked our brains. At every stage, this was equally stimulating and challenging. Since users nowadays prefer an easy-to-use, clean interface, fully functional, and simple app. Hence we concentrated more on keeping users in mind.

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