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8 Common Features of Most Used Apps in 2021

  • March 15, 2021
  • By Arushi Meena

Advancement in technology and widespread mobile phones paves way for the greater exposure to these mobile apps. Mobile app development is becoming more popular nowadays due to the need and their utilization. According to the app usage, you can even monetize from them. Before checking out all the details you must check some most used apps here.

Some of the common features you should know when you develop an app in 2021 is discussed below.


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1. Simplicity

Simplicity is a good performing key for many applications. Whenever we decide to create an application, then the usage of the application should be simple and easily understandable, so many will learn our app quickly and start utilizing them. Use of simple language and efficient page navigation makes an app to be really successful. Before, going through other features you must calculate your app development cost. For that, you can check this app cost calculator.

2. Higher Performance Level

Loading time, not only for the website people usually love to use the app which loads much faster. They can do their tasks in much faster time. This helps many to love your app and increases the performance of your app. Mobile apps are easy to access while compared to web applications, so many use these apps in their day to day life activities. Most of these mobile apps are highly secured so maintaining all your bank details will also be safe and you can absolutely trust the apps.

3. Branding

If you want to promote your business then these mobile apps provide you a greater opportunity. It opens the door for an advertisement space through which you can reach more number of audiences and eventually you can generate money through that. User-friendliness is also important to consider when you think of these ad spaces. Don’t disturb the users often by displaying ads and also with the set of irrelevant ads. So many people won’t like this ad and there might be the chance of leaving your app ever.

4. Regular Updates

Keep your updates regularly. Most of the people will visit your app if you have the latest data on your website; many won’t be visiting your website if you have a set of old contents. Not only data if you regularly alter your app space and add new features to your app then these will automatically encourage your users to visit your app often. No one wants to know the information they already know, they need new things to explore.


5. Real-Time Users

Mostly these mobile apps are designed for real-time users in order to carry out real-time tasks. The games, chats will make the application friendlier to the audience. Along with that, they have exposure to learning the latest updates. Because many will be looking for the value of the time they really spend in an app.

You should be more cautious about the user type too. Your application should be suitable for both online and offline users, you can even get subscriptions from offline users for the day they use your app. Through the offline mode of the app, they need not worry about the bad network they have.

6. Notifications

Many app developers will provide notifications in the form of pop-ups, this makes the users be aware of the latest app feature or the gaming facility they have to win a lot of money. Everyone wants to get notification displayed on the lock screen in order not to forget about grabbing a deal.

7. More Customized

When it comes to app designing, all the apps are not the same; each one is designed for each unique purpose. So customizing according to the application need is more important for customers to identify the kind of services you offer to them. UI design is more important when it comes to app features. They shouldn’t be disturbing as in the same way the user should easily move from one place to another in your application.

The color of the text should be easily visible in the background color, even in the dark mode all the contents and navigation should be clearly visible, as of the same way the logo and theme color should be followed on each and every page in your mobile app.


8. Monetization Offers

If you are planning to make money directly from your mobile app, then you should know about the kind of monetization offers:

  • Free apps – You can download these apps and use them for free
  • Paid apps – You can make an app purchase from the store and use them. These subscription apps have many unique features
  • In-app purchases – Particularly used for ecommerce channels in order to monetize
  • Subscriptions – In this some level of games you can avail for free, whereas after some levels these apps have to be subscribed for further use
  • In-app ads – The simplest model of all because there is no cost barrier for the user. With the advertising space, you can generate more revenues
  • Sponsorships – A solid user base is achieved with this kind of model and there is no cost barrier for this. They have advertising spaces through which you can generate more revenues.

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Arushi Meena

The blog post has been published by Arushi Meena a Technical Enthusiast at MobileCoderz Technologies. Her exceptional proficiency in App & Web technology consistently inspires her to share knowledge & opinions on the trending topics!

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