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MobileCoderz Coronavirus Crisis Commitment  MobileCoderz Coronavirus Crisis Commitment


Shift Freight is a one-stop solution to all freight and logistic problems. The main purpose of developing this app and website was to create a transparent platform where users can directly get in touch with reliable and renowned shifting services providers. This vendor was seeking to digitize their service as prior to this they were only working in the physical location in Saudi Arabia.

The main requirement of this client was to develop a hassle-free and user-friendly website and mobile apps (for Android OS and iPhone OS). They also wanted to infuse impeccable features such as roadside assistance, scheduling/ rescheduling the services that can help their potential users.

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Key Obstacles

Since this project is all about managing the business across geographic locations. It means that it is essential to have proper coordination and communication apart from staying round the clock. MobileCoderz helped the client to mitigate the supply and visibility of the chain management, dealing with undefined performance metrics, compliance issue based on the environmental, and offer better customer service. Our tech-nerd worked on the features as well as the functionalities of this app:-

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Options to Recreate the Story

Hassle-free sign in

Integrated Story Maker

Geolocation/ Live order tracking

On demand Logistic App Development company

Modified shipping and billing functionality

Chat History

Integration of review and rating section

Realistic Chatting System

Push notifications for the latest discounts and deals


This platform was specifically built to target the specific user. We ensured to design the wireframe that keeps the functionalities intact. The design was not essentially unique but also creative.

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On demand Logistic App Development company Wireframe
On demand Logistic App Development company Wireframe
On demand Logistic App Development company Wireframe
On demand Logistic App Development company Wireframe

UI/UX designs

After understanding their requirements, MobileCoderz initiated the foundation of Shift Freight by infusing the latest technology and trends that can hail in the nature of this industry. We developed an engaging app with an alluring user interface and allowed the users to add their requirements. We ensured that we implement creative graphics and elements to it.

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On Demand Logistic App UI/UX Design
On Demand Logistic App UI/UX Design

Overcome Obsticles and Technology stack

Since the competition is too high in this domain, so we developed an app convenient to search and establish the business of our esteemed client.

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The Outcome

The project was completed within the proposed deadline as our client was in urgency for this specific project. We also managed to execute testing & deployment process as a part of our service area. The final outcome fulfilled the key requirements of the project & matched the expectations of our client.

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