Project Overview

The idea was to bring an ERP system as one-stop platform for managed bike servicing & maintenance. The client required a user-friendly platform to serve the convenience of maintaining & setting up a bike to avoid last minute rush. The project was aimed to ERP app development for secure and simplified access, management, & storage of user data at one place.

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Major Challenges

We got to know about their business interests & target audience after interacting with the client. They were looking for a solution to manage user data in order to keep the bike’s service details handy for their customers. We were supposed to build an ERP setup with integrated features to :

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user profile

Create a user
profile with added

Mention up-to-date details of servicing

Mention up-to-date details of servicing & maintenance of a vehicle.

maintain multiple setup

Save & maintain multiple setups for each bike a user have.

complete documentation

Add a complete documentation as a proof of what services has been done & when.

invite friends

Options to invite friends & connect them to share setup with friends or vice-versa.


Our prime intent was focused on creating a useful application to collect & store user data specifically for bike enthusiasts. We did some initial research work for getting a clear understanding of the client’s business in order to strategize & plan accordingly.

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UI/UX designs

The client required a fully-functional app with interactive user interface to let users add & share their bike details within a few clicks. Keeping the brand value in the mind, our coders made custom UI designs with stunning graphics & elements at first as it is a crucial phase of ERP app development.

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Overcome Obsticles and Technology stack

In order to make the application fast and interactive, our team created a local database within app using Sqlite that enables the app to work fast & even without internet.

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Solutions Delivered

MobileCoderz presented a future-ready ERP app solution that is loaded with easy-to-use features for effortless bike servicing & maintenance. The app was designed to showcase options for user profile, bike setcard, bike setup, social sharing, documentation of bike service, & more. In order to simplify the accessibility of the app, it is customized with smoother navigation for uninterrupted usability & stunning user experience.

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