Outsourcing – the key to save 50 of the development cost

Uncategorized Posted on 18 February, 2016

More often than not, a company has to deal with a lot of managerial decisions that comprise recruitment, outsourcing specific tasks to professionals, training of in house employees and so on. Sometimes, it is better to outsource certain tasks that the in-house team is ill equipped to handle as this can lead to a significant […]


Everything you need to know about Apple’s Swift

Uncategorized Posted on 15 February, 2016

In recent times, many new frameworks and languages have been developed in order to provide programmers with better tools to come up with robust, fast and dynamic applications (whether web apps or mobile apps) that provide a better user experience for the end users.


5 interesting swift features you need to know about

Uncategorized Posted on 12 February, 2016

Ever since Swift became open source, there is a lot of frenzy surrounding it and every mobile application development company has focussed its energy and resources towards working on interesting and dynamic new apps powered by Swift.


Top 5 Open Source Swift Projects that simply rule the roost!

Uncategorized Posted on 11 February, 2016

Hearing a lot about Swift these days? After all, an open source programming language that boasts of significant improvements over Objective-C is bound to generate some buzz!


Most popular and commonly used Android M APIs

Uncategorized Posted on 8 February, 2016

It would be a cliché to say that Android is the most popular OS in the world for mobile app development. Every mobile application development company tries its hand at developing apps in the Android platform and the community support for Android is unbelievable.


Our top 4 pick in popular mobile app trends to watch for

Uncategorized Posted on 5 February, 2016

Keeping tabs on competition and market trends is no easy task and yet it is quite important to do so to feel the customer’s pulse and understand their expectations. Here is out pick amongst the most recent mobile app trends that have garnered a lot of attention in recent times.

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