UI/UX Design, Swift App Development and App Deployment on AppStore



The client came up with an idea to have simple messaging app that allows medical organisation users to send and receive instant messages within the organisation along with icons of medical equipment. Client needs simple UI design of the app along with some basic functionalities like notification, user profile etc.

We decided to build an app that will allow user to send and receive instant messages along with admin capability to create organisation from backend. Members in the organisation can be added from the backend and will receive their login credential on the email. Once they login, they will be able to customise their chat such as selecting members they want to send and receive messages. Along with message user can also attach simple icon with messages so that users can get clear idea what they are actually talking about. Client helped us by providing icons and simple messages text need to be provided in the app.

Solution Explain how your company helped the client and what the final product entailed. Platform for which app was built (Android, IOS or both).

We decided to provide a fully functional working app with inbuilt chat compatibility. User was given fully access to control it chat with settings such as turn on/off notification, turn on/off sound, change icons and add customs message with icons. App provided simple UI to see their previous chat history along with reply message option. Chat is super fast and smooth to convey short messages within the organisation. Currently, Android app is completed and ready to be publish on stores. Also, client is happy to work with us as he did get delivered what he requested from us.