UI/UX Design, Swift App Development and App Deployment on AppStore



We provided client an idea to have a dating app that allows user to add their crush information through the app. Once their crush finds themselves on the app and can send request to it and also start conversation between them. We also added Maps view for the crush being displayed on the Map. App provides two categories of crush that can be added by user i.e. Static and Moving Crush. Static crush are those which were found at particular Restaurant or bar and Moving are the ones which travelled from one particular location to the different one. So, it just provides more specific information about their crush whom they meet while traveling.

The Client wants to develop a dating app that allows user to find their crush and had conversation between them. Client wants to have very simple dating app with chat functionality.

Our Company provided client end to end solution to connect with there crush. We provided application to client on both android and iOS platforms with Chat functionality. Chat speed is super fast and provides user ability to block the opposite party if they doesn’t feel more comfortable with each other. Client is very happy to see his idea actually working on app which is currently live on the both the Google and Apple Stores.