Seen app by Polychroma games is much more than just an interactive story game, it's a platform for interactive story games! The application allows users to create their own stories via s user-friendly story maker. As our client was looking for a gaming app with integrated setup for creating own chat stories and share them with other players. The app was meant to be developed for Android as well as iOS platforms.

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Key Obstacles

The user base of Seen app circumscribes people from varied age groups. We have to make it simply accessible, interactive, & engaging with every single tap on the screen. With a perfect colour combination & scalability, the app was developed to be used with Story Maker with these unique features & functionalities:

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Options to Recreate the Story

Options to recreate the story as per your own choices.

Integrated Story Maker

Make stories using integrated Story Maker.

Run Stories Created by Other Players

Run stories created by other players & share your own with Story World.

Chat History

Addition of chat history of “annie96 is typing…” to be played with a single click.

Realistic Chatting System

The realistic chatting system as similar to Facebook Messenger.


We started with creating the wire-frames that will showcase how the app was going to look like. Next step was to make sure the app is interactive, fast and easy to use.

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Story Maker Game App Development Wireframe
Story Maker Game App Development Wireframe Image
Story Maker Game App Development Wireframe Pic
Story Maker Game App Development Wireframe Picture

UI/UX designs

The next step was to convert the wire-frames into an interactive user interface designs & our experts are adept in doing that. Though the client demanded an interactive app based on a story game, we were supposed to customize its structure with a blend of major elements to deliver the streamlined user experience.

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Story Maker Game App UI/UX Images
Story Maker Game App Design
Story Maker Game App UI Picture
Story Maker Game App UI/UX Pic

Overcome Obsticles and Technology stack

In order to make the application fast and interactive, our team created a local database within app using Sqlite that enables the app to work fast & even without internet.

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Mobile Application

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The Outcome

The project was completed within the proposed deadline as our client was in urgency for this specific project. We also managed to execute testing & deployment process as a part of our service area. The final outcome fulfilled the key requirements of the project & matched the expectations of our client.

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